IRTPA FLM Nat League Premier Div 2021-2022
5 Oct 2021 - 1 Jun 2022
Event name IRTPA FLM Nat League Premier Div 2021-2022
Details IRTPA FLM Nat League
Managed by International Real Tennis Professional's Association
Tie format 2 players/team. 2 singles 1 doubles: 1v1 | 2v2 | 1&2v1&2
Odds type Scratch
Start date 5 Oct 2021
End date 1 Jun 2022
RTO weight Competitive (IHSC Sanctioned)
Teams and players
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Draw type is 'Round Robin (or Home & Away)'.
This stage contains one or more groups of teams. Each group has its own draw, ladder and, optionally, most valuable player (MVP).
Group draw
Group ladder
Group MVP
LadderMVP (Top 5)
Team Bryn Sayers 7
Team Ben Taylor Matthews 2
Full ladder
Bryn Sayers
Ben Taylor-Matthews
Full MVP
Team Ben Taylor Matthews
lt 1 rubbers to 2, 28 games to 31
Team Bryn Sayers
Bonus points 1/1
Stage [FLM Premier Div 2021-2022] » Group [Premier Div]
Fri 14 Jan 2022 6:00PM
Played at Radley
At Radley