NW Brown Wealth Management Doubles League 2019 Div 5
4 Oct 2019 - 13 Dec 2019
Event name NW Brown Wealth Management Doubles League 2019 Div 5
Details Teams 5/6 members, of whom 3 play in each match. All matches are marked by a professional. A match consists of 3 rubbers, 1&1 v 1&2, 1&3 V 1&3 and 2&3 V 2&3 . All rubbers are played off current handicap at the time of the match, 1st to 9 Games There are 2 points for each rubber won, and 1 extra point for winning the match. Captains are responsible for selecting team players. The home team captain is responsible for providing food and/or drinks for the match. A bonus point is awarded for each player ready to play at their Start time.Cost £22 per Evening
Managed by Cambridge University Real Tennis Club
Tie format 3 players/team. 0 singles 3 doubles: 1&2v1&2 | 1&3v1&3 | 2&3v2&3
Odds type Handicap as at tie set up
Start date 4 Oct 2019
End date 13 Dec 2019
RTO weight Competitive (IHSC Non-Sanctioned)
Teams and players
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Draw type is 'Round Robin (or Home & Away)'.
This stage contains one or more groups of teams. Each group has its own draw, ladder and, optionally, most valuable player (MVP).
Group draw
Group ladder
Vamos 18
Motley Crue 5
'andicaps 3
Servivors 0
Full ladder
df 3 rubbers to 0, 27 games to 13
Bonus points 3/3
Stage [1] » Group [1]
Fri 11 Oct 2019 12:00AM
Played at Cambridge Blue
Motley Crue
lt 1 rubbers to 2, 21 games to 25
Bonus points 3/3
Stage [1] » Group [1]
Fri 4 Oct 2019 6:00PM
Played at Cambridge Blue